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Midboro Management and its staff of experienced professionals have served the real estate community for more than 50 years. Our portfolio includes luxury pre- and post- war cooperatives, condominiums and mixed use properties throughout New York City. We base our continued success on the value we add to every property we manage, as well as the long term relationships we have established with our many clients.  That is why we are proud to have been named the No. 1 mid-sized real estate management company in New York by The New York Cooperator.

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STAR Application

STAR is the New York State School Tax Relief Program, and it provides a modest property tax credit to owners of owner-occupied primary residences. The

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Client Portal Instructions


  1. Select “new user”.
  2. Enter building number – this refers to the numbers appearing to the left of the first hyphen (-) from the account number that appears in the upper right hand section of your monthly billing statement. For
    example, if your account number is 9999-1A, your building number is 9999. If your account number is
    XYX-456-238, your building number is XYX.
  3. Enter unit number – this refers to the characters to the right of the first hyphen (-) from the account
    number that appears on your monthly billing statement. For example, if your account number is 999-1A,
    your unit number is 1A. If your account number is XYZ-456-238, your unit number must be entered as
  4. Enter last four digits of social security number – If your unit is owned by more than one individual
    person or entity, this must be from the person or entity we have on record. We have only one social
    security number for each unit. So if the system does not accept the last four digits of your social security
    number, try that of your co-owner(s).
    (For condo unit owners and renters – it is likely that we do not have a social security number on record
    for you. To complete the registration process call us at 212-877-8500 extension 228).
  5. Select “next” to continue”
  6. Enter a user name, your first and last name.
  7. As instructed on the website, do not enter a password. Your password will be emailed to you.
  8. Enter the relevant contact information as prompted, select your preferred contact method, select a
    personal security question and then write in the answer to the security question selected. This comes
    into play in the event you forget your username or password.
  9. Select “submit”.


  1. To view your account history select “ledger” from the menu and then select the month that you wish
    to see.
  2. Select “next month charges” to view the next month’s bill. Depending on what time of the month you
    are viewing your information, this may or may not reflect your final bill.
  3. For a recent history of payments select “payments”
  4. To edit your password and personal information, select “user profiles”. Passwords must contain
    between six to twelve characters and also must include at least one letter and one number.
  5. To arrange an online payment select “make a payment now”. A message will appear advising you
    that first time users of our online payment system must register separately for this service. To continue
    click on “make a payment now”, the blue characters that appear just about this message. To learn about
    our online payment system, select “FAQ” on the menu appearing on the upper right corner of the
    registration\logon page.

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Download the printable version


1 – When I register I am prompted to enter my account number. What are they referring to?

This is the alpha numeric characters appearing on the upper-right side of your monthly billing statement just below where it says “Account No.”, just to the left of the billing date.

2 – When setting up a recurring payment it asks me to select “frequency of payment”. How does this work?  How does the upper limit work?

This defaults to “Current monthly amount due”. Keep this default selection if you wish to pay the amount billed to you each month. If you take this selection you will be prompted to enter an upper limit. Set the upper limit high enough to accommodate your monthly base charge (maintenance, common charge or rent) and possible future increases thereof, any variable charges that are billed to you each month such as electric, and any special charges that are customarily billed to you at various times during the year.

Frequency of payment also provides you with the selection “fixed monthly amount”. With this selection the amount entered will be pulled from your account without regard to the amount due per your monthly billing statement.

To summarize, “Fixed monthly amount” pulls from your account every month the amount you indicate. “Current monthly amount due” pulls from your account the amount billed to you that month (up to the upper limit amount that you had established).

3 – What do I have to do in the event of an increase to my monthly base charge (maintenance, common charge, or rent)?

For recurring payments based on the “current monthly billing”, the system requires you to set an upper limit for your own protection to avoid the potential of unlimited access to your bank account. However, as described in item 2 above, your upper limit should allow for a reasonable cushion. If you are notified about an increase to your monthly base charge, make sure your upper limit will accommodate the increase. Select “view edit” in the section entitled “Your Recurring Payment(s)”, increase the upper limit and then select edit. It will take you to a new screen to verify your revision. Then click “submit”.  If you have set up a “fixed monthly payment”, edit it in a similar fashion if necessary to accommodate an increase in your monthly charge.

(Please note: If you receive a message that says “The payment date must be month/day/year or later”, after you revise the upper limit and select edit, simply reestablish your payment date in the following month. For example, if it is December and you have established the 10th of the month as your payment date, simply change it to January 10th.)

4 – When arranging a payment the system indicates my balance. What does this represent?

This represents the amount due as per your monthly billing statement. It will not track payments received by us subsequent to the generation of your monthly bill.

For current information on your balance which is updated every day, please register on our tenant portal by selecting “View/Edit YOUR Account” on our homepage at Have your account number on hand when registering. Here you will be able to view your current billing information as well as your billing and payment history. You will also be able to update your contact information.

5 – When I log into the bill payment system the first thing I see is a message that says “you have not scheduled a one-time payment”.  I did, in fact, schedule a one-time payment. What happened?

This message is only referring to future one-time payments. This does not refer to any payments you previously arranged that have been executed. Any one-time (and recurring) payments previously executed through the system can be viewed by selecting “view payment history” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

6 – I own more than one apartment. Do I have to register them all separately?

You can add additional apartments to an existing registration by selecting “Add Additional Lessee Account” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

7 – I can’t seem to find an email confirming my payment or providing me with my password which I have forgotten. Why not?

Any email from Klik will be from ““.  If you can’t find it look in your junk mail folder.

8 – When prompted to enter a dollar amount what format should it be entered in?

Use numerals and a decimal point only. Do not use a comma or a dollar sign. So for example, eight hundred and seventy five dollars and fifty three cents should be entered as 875.53

9 – Reminder – Where can I register to make monthly payments on line?

All registrations are done through the Midboro home page. Select “Make monthly payment on line” from the top choices on the Midboro home page. Then from the choices on the next screen, select “Make payment – Midboro online payment system”. Do not try to access Klik directly. You can only register through the Midboro home page.